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Web Design

  • Website Build
  • Website Hosting, Website Maintenance

Digital Marketing

  • HTML Emails,Social Media Integration
  • Analytics,SEO

Technology Solutions

  • Mobile Applications
  • Content Management Systems,Custom Web Applications

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website Hosting

Website hosting is our specialty and we offer a wide variety of hosting solutions with the highest uptime commitments that are necessary for businesses.

Our extensive range of web hosting solutions with high uptime and security commitments that are necessary for businesses are all based around the Microsoft Azure platform or a dedicated VPS with built in Sitelock Security. This service is supported by our team of technical experts that ensure the consistent performance within your digital estate. After all it’s your business, and once we have built the best possible site to complement your business strategy, you wouldn’t want any compromises.  View our web hosting packages.

Website Maintenance

Your website has to evolve to keep up with your business growth. However, most businesses do not have the resources or the technical capability to ensure their site is up-to-date with the latest content.

Media Solutions can handle this for you. We take a proactive role in website maintenance and upkeep, ensuring your website is always current. Whether it is a simple page update or a more complicated monthly update program, we will customize a solution -from simple content updates, functional updates, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration and responsiveness.

For efficient website maintenance we go a step further to boost your website performance with crucial insights from Google Analytics. This allows us to visualize what features from your site are working and which elements are not in order, so that we can take corrective action. We set goals and objectives and deliver monthly and quarterly reporting, giving you full access about what is happening on your website.