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Web Design

  • Website Build
  • Website Hosting, Website Maintenance

Digital Marketing

  • HTML Emails,Social Media Integration
  • Analytics,SEO

Technology Solutions

  • Mobile Applications
  • Content Management Systems,Custom Web Applications

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing comes in a variety of forms - Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, Pay per Click Advertising, Link Building, HTML Email Campaigns, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Marketing, Mobile Applications and Viral Games.

However, Digital Marketing begins with your website.  This is the collection point for all your data.  From the number of visitors, to conversions.  A conversion in this case is defined as a visitor conducting a transaction, or leaving a contact address for future marketing purposes. 

Therefore, it is crucial that analysis and reporting be part of the basic strategy.  This allows us to visualize what features from your site are working and which elements are not in order, so that we can take corrective action.

To achieve this, we start from the basic fundamental of configuring Google Analytics. We set goals and objectives and deliver monthly and quarterly reporting, giving you full access about what is happening on your site.

HTML E-Mail Campaigns

Once you have a functional website, then it's time to take this to the next level via the use of HTML Marketing Campaigns. 

You can extend your marketing dollars by sharing your ideas, strengthening your customer relationships, and increasing your brand awareness through email. 

We help you to:

  • Build your campaign strategy
  • Design your HTML for multi email clients making readability simple for the recipient
  • Track the number of opens and clicks
  • Build and extend your mailing lists
  • Divert customers to your website and further increase the performance of your website