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E-Mail Archival

Powered by Global Relay

Email has both revolutionized and imprisoned the business world.  More than 65% of all correspondence is carried by electronic mail, making it the most prevalent form of business communication with both message volumes and average message size continuing to grow year on year by around 40% and 20% respectively.

Of course we all know that email is simple to create, handy to use, and easy to send.  The danger, however, is in storing the large volumes of email.  By relying solely on today’s backup procedures (or worse, no procedures), data and financial loss are inevitable.  Meanwhile conventional backups made for disaster recovery are not a substitute for message archiving and it is expensive and time-consuming to recover data from a tape backup.  Email that is accidentally or intentionally deleted may well be unrecoverable.

By adding Cobweb's Message Archiver solution*, powered by Global Relay, provides businesses with an enterprise-class message archiving, monitoring and discovery solution. The Message Archiver solution secures your business information via Global Relays Canadian east/west coast data centers.

*Cobweb Message Archiver can only be used with the Cobweb Hosted Exchange Service.

  • Your company will never lose messages again.  It's a fool proof backup and automated disaster recovery tool, alleviating the heavy burden on your IT personnel.
  • Easily add the Message Archiver solution to your Cobweb Hosted Exchange Service. You will eliminate expenses related to growing message storage. No software, hardware or programming is required.
  • No need to depend on disparate backup and storage systems, or the discretionary storage practices of employees to retain messages in their personal folders or create PST files.
  • The Message Archiver keeps your business organized, boosts efficiency and collaboration by automating recordkeeping. Using "best practice? procedures and safeguards, it helps enforce internal supervisory controls against inadequate data management practices.
  • The Message Archiver has advanced search and retrieval system that provides rapid recovery of all email, attachments, indexes and audit trails, even if the original has been deleted.
  • All users may rapidly view, retrieve, organize, reply to, forward, print or download any of their current or historical messages anytime/anywhere through any secure web browser.
  • By preserving a permanent copy of every incoming, internal and outgoing email and any attachments, the Message Archiver provides an indisputable chronological time and date stamped record to help safeguard you in the event of customer, supplier or employee issues, errors or allegations. Customer message information has secure end-to-end multi- level encryption to ensure that privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations are upheld.

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