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Hosted PC Backup

In a survey conducted of business owners, 90% of them were worried about data loss due to files being stored on local computers as opposed to a centralized file server. Most business owners have also found that users continue to store data on their local machines even after installation of a centralized file server.

In addition to the above risk, 89% of computer users had experienced data loss from a system crash, virus or accidental deletion.

So Why Not Protect Your Data Now!

We provide 2 options for your consideration. These are:

  • Option 1: Cobweb PC Backup - secure Cloud backup solution

    Cobweb PC backup provides you with a simple and reliable online data backup solution, making sure your business critical data is safe and secure.

    With no large investment in hardware, equipment or software required, you can be up and running with an enterprise grade solution in hours.

    Data is now the most valuable business asset, yet for many businesses the cost, time and effort to create an efficient in-house data backup architecture has meant it is simply not viable. Yet when data is not properly backed up, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to data loss – which can range from a few documents, to years of proprietary IP.

    With Cobweb PC Backup, it doesn’t matter where your business is located or what you want backed up, we’ve got it covered.

    Cobweb PC Backup provides small and medium sized businesses with online backup for all the business critical information held on your desktop PCs and laptops. The Cobweb PC Backup service provides an easy-to-use backup tool and data restore capability over the Internet to and from a remote data centre location.

    The service allows you to schedule automatic backup plans, restore lost files and provides monitoring reports and logs. The service ensures that your business data is safely under control and securely available from any appropriate Internet connected device.

    Cobweb PC Backup is a secure, automated backup service that intelligently backs up any important data to a fully managed, ISO accredited Tier 3+ UK data centre. The service can create a backup of the data on all your desktop PCs and laptops irrespective of their location.

    1. Introduction

      Cobweb PC Backup provides software that is easy to deploy and simple to use. The management of the service is streamlined via the intuitive “Cobweb Control Panel” self-care administration portal.

      By making use of intelligent file selection, important files are automatically protected. Built-in version control is provided and allows documents to be restored to the state in which they were saved.

      Functionality/FeaturesCobweb PC Backup
      A range of backup storage options available**Chargeable

      Microsoft Operating System compatibility, XP, Vista, Windows 7.

      Apple MAC OS-X compatible.

      Secure encryption of data (128-bit/256-bit AES).
      Each user is issued with a secure encryption key to ensure 100% security of data on devices. The encryption key is only known by the end user, so nobody but the end user can open the backup data on the backup server.
      Automatic scheduling of backups 
      Backup of open files 
      Quick recovery of lost files 
      Single file restore 
      Automatic file versioning 
      System state backup 
      Data import*Chargeable

      The backup process is conducted via the Internet to our secure ISO27001 accredited Tier 3+ UK data centre. Once setup and configured the service operates in a fully automated way, offers unrivalled ease-of-management and supports various operating systems.

      Full Service Description.

  • Option 2: Trend Micro Safe Sync for Business

    Full Service Description.



SafeSync for Business is a simple but secure online file storage and data synchronization solution that:

  • Enables you to manage all your business data / files securely online

  • Replaces existing (costly) file and backup server solutions

  • Provides all the storage capacity and functionalities to manage your business data

  • Automatically backs up in a secure online location

  • Synchronizes your devices (even mobile) automatically when you save or make a change to your data

  • Grows with your business by offering each employee their own log in

  • Allows easy access to your business files anytime via a web browser or even mobile phone

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing in the event of a disaster or theft you have backup copies

  • Let's you share files internally for team collaboration, using the Team Folder feature, as well as instantly sharing files externally with any third party at the click of a button

A complete online backup solution for Business


  • Anytime, anywhere file accessing, editing, and organizing

  • Mobility across devices

  • Video and music streaming to compatible hand-held devices


  • Online data backup and storage

  • Deleted file recovery

  • Industry leading file protection


  • Sharing files for team collaboration

  • Multiple users account

  • Continuous, automatic file synchronization

  • Windows and Mac fully supported

  • Easy to set up and use

SafeSync for Business Security
Data center operated by Trend micro, no one has access to data on server
Two copies of data are stored on two separate servers plus two separate service providers connecting the data center ensuring availability of data.
Access to the cabinates and servers is biometrically controlled and always under sureillance
Trend micro has more than two decades of experience keeping date safe for consumers, small businesses goverments agencies, and large enterprises.
You have the ability to share or revoke access to your shared files at any time.
Data centers are SAS 70 Type 2 certified.
Our system uses an industry best practice secure permission structure to safeguard file access, all hosted in our state of the art data center.
All data center servers scan files for malware.
Defends equipment from cyber attack with multiple firewalls.
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