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Hosted Services

Media Solutions, in partnership with Cobweb Solutions, is a leading provider of Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, Hosted CRM and other Cloud Computing IT Solutions, which enable businesses of all sizes to acquire and manage their IT infrastructure.  If you have been considering the Cloud for your business, there is no better time than now to plan your journey.

Take two minutes and have a look at this quirky video.  It gives a tongue-in-cheek look at why you should shake off the old, embrace the Cloud - but make sure you select the right Cloud Services Partner!

Media Solutions has designed options to allow you to contract for and use simple applications such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint right through to more complex applications such as Hosted CRM over our Private Cloud Network or Office 365 from Microsoft’s Public Cloud.

Of course, the migration to the Cloud itself may seem daunting.  And, indeed it is complex.  However, what it doesn't have to be is complicated.

Whatever the conversion scenario, from an on premise Exchange Server Solution to a Hosted Exchange Solution or from Lotus Notes to Hosted Exchange, or you are considering an upgrade from Exchange 2003, we can get it right for you, painlessly - without fear of losing business continuity.  We will walk with you, as you embrace the power of the Cloud.