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Instant Deployment & Lower  Cost of Total Ownership:
  • No capital investment commitments to hardware,  software and IT infrastructure
  • No complex project to install and configure  Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003/2007 Server and required components

Hosted Exchange  customers pay a simple monthly fee based on the number of users.  The savings can be quite significant when the  needs for a highly reliable (e.g. redundant servers, information back up, etc)  are considered.  Second, a business using  Hosted Exchange does not need to maintain the same level of in-house IT  expertise to maintain the environment.

Enhanced Security & Updates:
  • We offer Enhanced Security compared to an  in-house installation, including automated and timely installation of  Enterprise Anti-virus and other software updates
  • Hassle free operations mean no worrying about  security patches, software updates/upgrades, monitoring, repairing failed  hardware, and adding more capacity

Professional Operations &  High Availability
  • Increased level of availability and performance  due to robust bandwidth and redundant network access at our data center
  • Professional operations and support personnel  with significant expertise and certifications in Exchange, Windows and all the  other technologies needed to deliver the service
  • Accessibility over the public Internet allows  secure access for both internal and external scenarios and support for highly  distributed virtual work stations (No requirement for complex VPN or  Internet/Intranet solutions)

Daily back ups stored  off-site, ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.