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Hosted Office Communications Server


Powered by Cobweb’s Hosted OCS Service

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 (OCS) from Cobweb is a hosted business collaboration tool designed to improve communication and connect people at the touch of a button.  The OCS enables teams and colleagues to communicate together via a presence awareness instant messaging service, enabling easy, effortless connectivity across locations and time zones.

The service provides immediate rich presence awareness, peer-to-peer call capabilities and enterprise class instant messaging, which can connect and collaborate from any location with internet connectivity.  Purchased alongside Microsoft Exchange, the service is closely integrated with Microsoft Office systems and links seamlessly with staple applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Office Communications Server is able to simplify and streamline business communications by enabling existing applications such as instant messaging, presence awareness and peer-to-peer calls at the touch of a button.

Find the right people, when you need them:

  • Simplify communications with immediate presence awareness
  • Let colleagues know how to contact you
  • Manage your directory of contacts easily
  • Convenient access through multiple devices – desktop pc, mobile devices, internet cafes etc.
  • Communicate with greater flexibility from a single interface:
    • Choose the communications method that meets your needs
    • Increase productivity with intuitive device integration and support.  Streamline communications from the applications which you use daily
  • Quickly and easily communicate from Microsoft Office applications
  • Improve productivity through the use of familiar windows tools and features
  • Maintain a log of your conversation history for audit purposes (within Microsoft Outlook only, 
which is not searchable by Admin. Local copy only).

Office Communications Server Full Service Description.

The following table summarizes the standard features, which are supported with OCS:

Rich Presence and Contact Management
Automatic presence status 
Rich presence status and custom messages 
Location display 
‘Do not disturb’ status (set a do not disturb status that blocks incoming messages except from designated users) 
Different access levels for different groups in contacts 
Recent group contacts with last 10 contacts 
Contact card information including an action menu 

Microsoft Office Application Integration
Integrated presence with Microsoft Office applications 
Reply to email with instant message or peer to peer call 
Automatically adds a subject line to communication from within Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 
OneNote 2007 integration 
Rich text formatting in instant messenger 
Ability to store conversation history and call logs in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 folder 
Enhanced invitation alerts 

Communication for Mobile Workforce
Access without requiring a secure VPN connection 
Multiple modes & devices – Communicator on PC, Communicator Web Access through web browser, Communicator Mobile on mobile phones 
Access the same contact list.