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How can I retrieve messages which are marked as Spam?

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Once a day, users receive a Junk Box Summary which provides each user with a single e-mail summary of their quarantined spam, virus, and phishing e-mails.It also includes single-click access to unjunk message types, delivering them to the employee's inbox and allowing the senders to be added to the user's personal allowed list.

This summary e-mail ensures that employees never miss a legitimate message that ended up in their junk box.They also do not need to contact their IT department to find their lost messages. ;Users can preview messages in "safe mode", which prevents the user from seeing offensive content and will not allow the execution of Java, JavaScript, or any other potentially malicious code.

Employees are also provided a personal Junk Box, which they can access through a simple Web interface. From here, users can search, sort, and review e-mail determined to be junk. Then, with a single-click of the unjunk option, users can have it delivered seamlessly to their inbox and have the sender added to their personal allowed list. The Junk Box itself is kept at the perimeter off the e-mail server - decreasing risk and load.