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How do I setup ActiveSync with Hosted Exchange?

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The Active Sync set up varies from device to device.  The following procedure describes the set up procedure for a Sony Ericsson P1i:

Step 1: Go to the Tools Menu
Step 2: Go to the Exchange Server Menu
Step 3: Click More
Step 4: Click Settings
Step 5: On the Server Menu:

  • User Name:
    Enter username as yourusername_mediaso (Replacing the '@' with an underscore "_" and the full username should not exceed 20 characters)
    For example John Smith with email address would be john.smith_testtheem
  • Password:
    Enter your password (Same as what is used on your client Outlook)
  • Server Name:
  • Domain:
    Enter: Backbone

Most phones offer additionally flexibility to the users which vary from device to device.  The following features are offered on the Sony Ericsson P1i:

On the Schedule Menu:

  • Enable Push.  (This allows users to customize how often they want their mail pushed to their device.  Options include manual to every 10 mins)
  • Users also have the option of Synchronizing E-Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

On the Mail Menu:

  • Users can customize how they want their mail Synchronized with their device.