What We Do For You

Be decisively human in the digital age

Media Solutions is a true technology entrepreneur. From 2004, we are recognised as a digital front-runner always offering IT solutions beyond technology imperatives. We were one of the first to introduce Cloud Services to the Middle East way before the cloud became the place to be. Today’s digital reality in the cloud demands the constant development of future-sensing tech, meaning every new dawn reveals enhanced tools for sustainable business growth. We remain ever ready to integrate relevant new technologies into your organisation, ensuring our team and your team hold hands to go beyond.

Be ahead to be here in the digital economy

Our entrepreneurial spirit is integral. It is nourished by our ability to seek powerful partnerships with the sector’s leading global organisations keeping us alert to the new products and services on the horizon. This means we are constantly re-gearing our next-edge Business IT and Media Broadcast Solutions to able you to swiftly re-tool your operations throughout the Middle East with the latest, flexible, scalable cloud-based technology imperatives. This appetite helps ensure our business and your business remain tech-ahead as we go beyond to escalate digital presence and improve productivity by simplifing usability.


Technology Enabler

There is no looking back, and there is no good looking too far forward. The place to look is here, now. On the horizon. Especially when it comes to ensuring your business is technology assured, powered up and enabled for the imperatives of today. Media Solutions is in gear, ready to become part of your team and help your business go beyond

In The Cloud, From The UAE

Our philosophy is Be digital, Think global, Act local.

We appreciate the importance of having the right solution at the right price, 24/7.

We have gained the confidence of more than 500 clients, creating the right solution and service level for each.

Keeping Tech-Ahead Company

Everything Cloud with UK’s Cobweb Solutions

Our established cloud services partner for the MENA region is Cobweb. As Europe’s foremost provider of Cloud-based technology imperatives, and a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, Cobweb truly is at the leading-edge of everything in the Cloud. Media Solutions and Cobweb are joint-venture partners in Cobweb Middle East in Dubai Internet City.

Everything Boradcast with Europe’s Peach

Media Solutions represents Peach to simplify the MENA region’s delivery of broadcast media by streamlining campaign workflows from agency to media - the more ambitious the campaign, the more ad variations to be checked, transcoded, managed, approved and delivered. By joining hands with the creative media sector, Peach Middle East simplifies the boring but essential bits of Broadcast Advertising by automating delivery to go beyond faster and further

Peace Of Mind

Rest assured, data protection and security is of vital importance to us.

All our services are delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud or the Amazon S1 Cloud ensures the highest level of security for your business


No Capex, Just Opex

IT expenditure can be compared to purchasing a new car.

The minute you drive out of the showroom, so the value depreciates. With our solutions, capex is excluded in our vocabulary

Tech Flex

Start with what you need.

We will scale-up in line with the rise in your business growth - as you grow, we grow cultivating a mutually beneficial partnership. Indeed we are really flexible, ready to customize in complement to your business plan.

Try getting this from other players.

Technology Futurist

We don’t really know what tomorrow will look like.

What we do know is digital is here to stay further enabling connectivity, productivity and collaboration inside and outside the organisation.

The Media Solutions team always keeps at least one eye on tomorrow’s technology ready to enable you first, ahead of the crowd.